Egg Envy

Just when I was so proud of my eggs…I went to collect eggs for neighbor while they are out of town. Made my little dozen look so small!



Look What I Found Today!

Look What I Found Today!

We keep two chickens in with the goats to help pretend they are in a herd. Goats are naturally herd animals and get sad and depressed alone. So while we were waiting for Beverly to pop out a baby goat/ buddy we put two chickens inside to keep her company. I know what you are thinking, “Chickens make eggs, right? So why is this a big deal?” The reason it’s a big deal is that these birds were small and scrawny when got them (several months ago) and are bred for meat production not egg production. Meaning, they can produce eggs, but not regularly if at all. The intention was to slaughter them once baby goats were born, but for one reason or another they have stuck around and even produced an egg. Good for them (not sure which chicken produced the egg). These two chickens probably won’t last too long as we move towards getting some proper egg-laying chicken breed, but it’s still exciting that all that feed is finally going toward something. One little egg. But I bet it will taste mighty fine with breakfast tomorrow.