Welcome to Heuristic Living!

Heuristic: involving or serving as an aid to learning, discovery, or problem-solving by experimental and especially trial- and -error methods.

I invite you to share in my successes and failures, quandaries and questions, problems and problem solving, theory and practice of working towards a self- sufficiency existence. I do not want any of my successes or needs to come at the expense of others, however it is a slow process to reach this dream. Follow, connect, and share with me as I explore and work towards the ultimate dream of a self- sufficient living complete with homemade shampoo and  homegrown tomatoes.

Here I share what I have learned, learning, and hope to learn in the future.  Most importantly I want to be honest. Some of these things are not easy, particularly as I look at non-traditional lifestyle choices, but others are beyond joyful. Blogs and technology present created or idealized personas, this is no different, but hopefully I can present both sides to the DIY coin. Hopefully this will demonstrates my trial-and-error methods of finding out what works best for me and my lifestyle.


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